From mixing concoctions as a child to mixing coffee beans as an adult, Jasmine Alexander, founder of Ambrosia Brews takes great pride in her work. Each flavor is passionately mixed together to create an experience high in love, peace, and tranquility one cup at a time.

Coffee isn’t just coffee; it’s much greater than that. Jasmine has found coffee to be her adventure and peace in a world of chaos. Alone, sipping her morning cup of coffee, Jasmine is reminded that she can conquer anything placed before her. It’s in this place Jasmine was shaped into your eclectic coffee connoisseur.  Now she shares her love of coffee by creating gourmet coffee for boutique restaurant experiences with exotic flavor combinations. 

She enjoys working with youth and young adults encouraging them to operate in their full authenticity. She also serves as the social media manager for several organizations.